Sunday, October 24, 2010

Whole Roasted Crockpot chickens and Homemade Chicken & Noodles

**I find it easier to actually roast 2 whole chickens in a crockpot earlier in the week before making my chicken and noodles.  I put balls of foil in the bottom of the crockpot to keep it from boiling in its own juices.  I have a large crockpot that will comfortably fit 2 whole roasters.  I simply rub with a zesty seasoning salt, put them on top of the balls of foil, and let it cook on low all day while I'm at work.  Have roast chicken as your main dish that night, then save the broth and rest of chicken for your noodles.  Sometimes, I have enough chicken left for chicken quesadillas or chicken salad too.


2 cups all purpose flour
3 egg whites
1 whole egg
1/3 - 1/2 c water
Additional flour to roll out noodles

Mix flour and eggs together.  Add water until dough is firm, but not too sticky.

Rolling them out:  Use lots of flour!!  Back when I first started making my own noodles, I rolled them out on my flat stovetop with a rolling pin and cut them with a pizza cutter.  If you have a kitchenaid mixer, they have an attatchment that rolls your noodles.  I finally splurged a few years ago and got one!

As you finish rolling them, put them back in your mixing bowl.  Toss occassionally to keep them from sticking to each other. 

Broth:  Scoop the fat off the chicken broth that you saved from the crockpot chicken.  Put the broth in a large pot and add 1/2 as much water.  If you did not make chicken in the crockpot, you can use 4 cans of broth and 2 cans of water.  Bring this to a boil.  When boiling, drop small handfuls of noodles in.. stirring frequently.  Reduce heat to medium/medium high and cook to desired tenderness.  After I add my noodles, I add my leftover cooked chicken.

I always think these taste better on the second day... over some instant mashed potatoes... YUM!

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