Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rueben Sandwich - low cal style

2 slices thin sliced Rye Bread (should be 3 DOTS for 2 slices)
1 Tbsp Kraft Free Thousand Island Dressing
1 oz. Jarlsberg Lite swiss cheese (from Walmart deli counter)
1/2 cup sauerkraut
2oz Carl Budding corned beef lunch meat
ICBINB spray

Heat sandwich press. Spread both slices of bread with dressing (1-1/2tsp on each slice). On the bottom slice(dressing side up), place the corned beef. Top with sauerkraut and swiss cheese. Place second slice of bread (dressing side down) on top. Spray the outsides of the bread with ICBINB spray (Just need a light coating, I used 5 sprays on each side). Place in sandwich press and grill until dark golden brown.


*If you cannot find the Jarlsberg Lite, look for another cheese that is 1 DOT per ounce.

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